Criminal Sensation Jeremy Meeks’ Rap Sheet Is Long

 Criminal Sensation Jeremy Meeks' Rap Sheet Is Long

Jeremy Meeks has the hottest mug shot on the internet these days, but the man is a highly volatile fellow — evidenced by his recent arrest for weapons charges and street terrorism.
But this isn’t his first time behind bars! It’s actually his third!
Back in 2002 he was charged with robbery and corporal injury after he severely beat up a 16-year-old. Meeks made a plea deal for those charges, and spent two years incarcerated inside a California prison.
In that case’s documents Meeks admitted he was affiliated with the Northside Gangster Crips — which is definitely super scary!
Then in 2007 Meeks was arrested in Spokane, Washington at a sporting goods store when he tried to steal some merchandise. As security guards approached him he apparently told them “I’ll f*** you all up” before he was pepper sprayed into submission.
He was convicted on the following charges – identity theft and resisting arrest – and served time in prison for that, as well.
We’re not sure if that makes him more or less attractive to folks, but it’s definitely one reason not to be trying to visit him in prison to try and get a date!


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