Demi Lovato’s Boob-Smooshing Sheer: Gotta Have It or Make It Stop?

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We can’t quite figure out what’s going on with this dress on Demi Lovato and that’s affecting our opinion. Is this an ill-fitting top that crammed her cups into the wrong part of the cut-out or is the singer trying to show off some bottom boob?

Because if it’s the former then the “Neon Lights” singer is only guilty of a slight wardrobe malfunction that could happen to any celeb. But if this edgy dresser is into that awkward kind of cleavage, we might have a bigger problem…

VIDEO: Demi Lovato has freckles?! See her sun spots pop in this video!

But let’s take the ta-tas out of the equation for a moment. The rest of this all-black look is a welcome change for the black leather leggings lover. Not only is this a LBD with just as much grit as the gorgeous performer herself, but it’s a great fit for her toned frame.


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