#WTF: What Perrie Edwards Dose In Front Zayn Malik!!!

If you don’t already hate Little Mix singer Perrie Edwards for taking One Direction hottie Zayn Malik off the market, you’re about to. Perrie’s bandmate revealed that P does the most ghastly, most heinous awful gross thing around her husband-to-be…

“Perrie will happily fart in front of Zayn but I’d never do that in front of Jordan, Never!” tattled her bandmate Jesy Nelson

And Perrie didn’t exactly deny it: “I do it because I’m engaged, but if I wasn’t engaged, I’d be kind of f***ed!” she laughed. “I bite and chew my nails in front of him too.”










Though vile, IN NO WAY is biting your nails even in the same stratosphere as…that thing Perrie is doing. I shant even say it. It’s too awful. But am I alone on this, lambs? I feel that there is a huge difference between rudeness and intimacy–leaving the door open when you tinkle doesn’t mean you and your man are that much more in love. It’s just gross and unnecessary. Whatever happened to the idea of mystery in a romance? Why, my beau has never even see me brush my teeth! Why should he? It’s not exactly a noteworthy moment.

Perrie went on to explain that since they both have such hectic schedules (sure P, I’m sure you’re just as in demand as 1D, whatever you say…) she keeps the fire burning long distance by keeping her man “on his toes.”



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